Federal Fraud Charges: Attorney In Madison Practicing In All Mississippi Courts

Federal fraud charges require representation by a highly skilled attorney who has experience handling these serious and complex cases. At Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., we have represented a wide range of professionals in federal fraud offenses, including doctors, nurses, billing clerks and construction developers. We also have experience handling cases involving allegations of federal health care fraud, food stamp fraud, disaster fraud, farm fraud and various other types of federal fraud.

Building A Solid Defense · Fighting To Have Charges Dismissed

These charges are much different than state fraud offenses. The federal courts have sentencing guidelines that are complicated. Criminal defense lawyer Cynthia Stewart is familiar with these guidelines and knows what the prosecution is looking for to make a conviction. She also knows that federal authorities often do not conduct adequate investigations. Our firm will thoroughly review your case, including the actions of law enforcement and all available evidence, to reveal your options for a strong defense. In the past, we have been successful obtaining dismissed charges for clients charged with federal fraud.

Cynthia Stewart is known throughout the Mississippi legal community for her perseverance, which federal fraud cases always require. Even when her client is already indicted, she stops at nothing in her effort to understand the prosecution's side and to change how prosecutors are viewing the case.

If you or a family member has been charged with federal fraud, the outcome can be severe, with a possible lengthy federal prison sentence. Contact our law firm in Madison to speak with Cynthia Stewart today. She has a successful track record in federal court and will immediately begin working to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome. Call 800-724-1963 for a free initial consultation.