Felony And Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer In Madison

Experience Makes A Difference

No matter the severity of a criminal charge — from a misdemeanor to a federal felony — the lawyer you choose can have a critical impact on the outcome of a case. At Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., our goals are to keep you out of prison, to keep a felony off of your criminal record and to minimize the penalties you face as much as possible. Our attorney, Cynthia Stewart, is committed to achieving the best possible results for every client.

Contact our firm to arrange a free initial consultation if you or someone you care about is facing any criminal offense in Mississippi. We can provide experienced legal guidance and representation in the following matters:

Capital MurderDUI & Aggravated DUIAppeals
MurderAssault & Aggravated AssaultOccupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
White Collar CrimesWeapons ChargesPretrial Diversion Programs
EmbezzlementSex CasesDrug Court Programs
Internet CrimesState & Federal Child PornographyCivil Rights Violations
State & Federal Drug CasesState & Federal Violent Offense ProsecutionParole Hearings
State & Federal Health Care FraudFederal Bribery CasesRevocations, Including License Revocation
Federal FraudTax OffensesPost-Conviction Matters

Cynthia will begin by reviewing the facts of the case, as well as your criminal background, to determine what the prosecution has and to identify the strong points in your case. Her thorough preparation includes not only researching the law, but also preparing you to present as well as possible — whether during negotiations or at trial. The prosecution looks favorably upon those who have jobs or are enrolled in school. Cynthia will use her experience and knowledge to both help you improve your image and to fight for the best result through a solid defense. Even though a majority of criminal cases don't go to trial, our firm prepares for trial in every case.

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