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September 2017 Archives

Understanding how a parole hearing works

As a previous post discussed, there are opportunities for Mississippi defendants convicted of certain crimes to reduce the penalties associated with the crime they were convicted of. A parole hearing opens up the possibility for early release, helping him or her reenter society, obtain employment and interact with their friends, family and community once again. While there are many benefits to obtaining parole, it is important to note that getting a parole hearing is not always easy and neither is obtaining a favorable decision.

Preparing you for your parole hearing

Being convicted of a crime is a difficult reality to face and to accept. It is likely that the allegations alone caused major disruptions to the defendant's life, and now that he or she is convicted of the crime they were charged with, the penalties must now be endured. But it is important to note that those sentenced to a prison term may not have to remain incarcerated for the entire duration of their sentence.

Understanding what constitutes an aggravated assault

Being accused of a violent crime is a serious situation. The penalties associated with the crime are harsh due to the severity of the allegations, meaning defendants accused of such a crime are likely to endure personal and professional damages in addition to losing their freedoms if convicted. Thus, it is important to gain a full perspective of the situation, understanding your rights and abilities to assert a defense.

Mississippi woman accused of insurance fraud

While any criminal allegation has it consequences, some crimes carry with them personal and professional harms as well. Even if a conviction does not result, a person's reputation could be hurt. Thus, those accused of such a crime, like any crime, should take timely action to understand their situation and what defense options could be available.

What are the defense options for drug possession charges?

Being accused of a drug crime is anything but an easy situation to deal with. However, it is a circumstance that should be dealt with and individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere should understand their rights and defense options. Taking a proactive and aggressive approach against a drug charge could significantly reduce the penalties and consequences faced if a conviction occurs.


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