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Accused of health care fraud? Why the charges can pile up

Health care fraud is a widespread issue in the United States. It is also a top priority for federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. These agencies devote massive resources to investigating alleged fraud through actions like undercover operations and task forces, and they want these efforts to pay off.

This is one reason why people accused of fraud will often be charged with several criminal offenses upon arrest. Below are other reasons why you could be facing a lengthy list of charges if you are accused of health care fraud.

More charges increases likelihood of plea or conviction

Filing multiple charges against a person gives prosecutors a higher chance of securing a plea or conviction on at least one charge. Stacking charges can also intimidate the accused, complicate their defense and make for better headlines that boast about the arrests or convictions.

It is also important to note that there are certain charges that are typically filed together. In the case of health care fraud, for instance, it is likely that a person will also face charges related to wire fraud, mail fraud and/or identify theft.

Federal investigations cast a wide net

Investigations can go one for months or years, giving authorities a wealth of information on various people and alleged misconduct. Ultimately, investigators often want to identify the person or persons in charge of an alleged operation, and they will investigate anyone else who may have connections or information that can aid in the investigation.

This means that people with ancillary roles and those who may have not even realized what they were doing at the time can wind up facing numerous federal charges, if only so that they are more likely to work with authorities.

Taking every criminal charge seriously

Considering how quickly the charges against you can pile up and the massive resources dedicated to prosecuting your case in these situations, it is crucial for you to have legal support and representation if you are accused of federal fraud charges.

An attorney familiar with defending against federal fraud charges can challenge each count against you in an effort to have it dismissed or reduced. With effective counsel, you can level the playing field and work to avoid or minimize the consequences you could be facing.

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