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Accused of health care fraud? Why the charges can pile up

Health care fraud is a widespread issue in the United States. It is also a top priority for federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. These agencies devote massive resources to investigating alleged fraud through actions like undercover operations and task forces, and they want these efforts to pay off.

2 Mississippi men facing federal health care fraud charges

The Department of Health and Human Services has been vigilant in detecting possible instances of health care fraud. About a week ago, the agency announced that more than 400 individuals were charged with committing health care fraud. The alleged fraudulent billing practices from those charged exceeded $1.3 billion.

What constitutes Medicare fraud?

Our health care system and government health care programs like Medicare are complex. In light of these complexities, it shouldn’t be a surprise that medical professionals are accused of abusing or defrauding Medicare from time to time.


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