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Here are five of the most common health care fraud schemes

Health care fraud is prevalent because, in this industry, there are so many ways to obtain easy cash. People involved might be employers, patients, vendors and providers, including pharmacists.

Schemes are varied, but here are five examples of health care fraud that, if discovered, could result in stiff federal penalties:

How federal fraud cases differ from state fraud cases

Our law office accepts as clients those Mississippi residents, both those who live in the Jackson area and in other parts of the state, who are facing federal fraud charges or other white collar cases in federal court.

Dealing with a criminal case in a federal court is a very different experience in many respects than dealing with a criminal case in a state court. For one, the government is represented by the United States Attorney and his or her deputies, all of whom have a lot of resources at their disposal should they decide to aggressively prosecute cases. These resources include the help of federal agencies like the FBI.

Eight Mississippi men arrested for federal drug charges

As any Mississippi residents knows, drug crimes and treated rather harshly. Whether it is the accused's first allegation or they have a past of criminal charges, it is important to understand how the current charges could impact a defendant. While minor drug charges could mean minimal penalties if a conviction results, a major drug crime could result in harsh and long-term consequences.

Eight Mississippi men could experience the later consequence after being arrested for federal drug charges. According to recent reports, these charges resulted from a multi-year investigation that led authorities to a drug trafficking ring that has expected ties to California.

How an investment can turn into a Ponzi scheme

We all know that investments have the potential to provide us with huge gains and profits; however, investments come with many risks. There is no guarantee that one will profit; nonetheless, we are under the impression that the investments we enter into are at least legitimate. Unfortunately, some investments are scams; one of which being a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is when the investors with longer standing obtain payment through the buy-in contributions of the newer investors. In order to avoid a collapse, a Ponzi scheme must secure an ongoing supply of new investors. When a Ponzi scheme comes to an end because the presumed fraudster takes the money and runs or the scheme is exposed, the investors involved are likely to face serious consequences.

What is considered insider trading?

Buying and selling shares of stock is common task for companies, shareholders and investors. Buying and selling stock can be very lucrative and a way to make profitable investments. However, there is a process that must be followed when trading stock. The failure to do so could but an individual or corporation at risk of criminal penalties stemming from fraud. Those accused of insider trading could endure harsh penalties if convicted, thus it is important to understand when this is considered illegal and what it exactly entails.

What is considered insider trading? First, let's define and insider. This is a person that possesses at least one of two things. They either have access to valuable non-public information regarding the corporation, or they currently have ownership of stock that is 10 percent or more of the firm's equity. As soon as one hears the term insider trading, he or she is under the impression that this act is illegal. However, there are two methods by which insider trading could occur, and only one of them is considered to be illegal.

Accused of health care fraud? Why the charges can pile up

Health care fraud is a widespread issue in the United States. It is also a top priority for federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. These agencies devote massive resources to investigating alleged fraud through actions like undercover operations and task forces, and they want these efforts to pay off.

This is one reason why people accused of fraud will often be charged with several criminal offenses upon arrest. Below are other reasons why you could be facing a lengthy list of charges if you are accused of health care fraud.

Helping you strategize a defense against violent crimes

Different situations and events could wind up causing individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere to face criminal allegations. This is never an easy predicament to be in, especially when the accused is adamant that they did not commit the crime they are accused of. Being accused of a violent crime has the ability to harm ones reputation regardless if they are convicted; therefore, it is imperative that defendants understand their legal defense options and how they could assert a strong defense.

Violent crimes can vary in degrees and could involve loved ones, acquaintances or strangers. Depending on the details and circumstances surrounding the supposed crime, the accused offender could endure personal consequences based on just allegations alone. At Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., our experienced legal team is well versed in criminal laws, and we are dedicated to helping Madison residents develop and strategize the best defense possible for their matter.

Understanding income tax fraud charges

Being accused of a financial crime can be difficult, especially if the crime was unintentional. With regards to tax fraud, individuals could face criminal charges for failing to properly file for their taxes. Because not everyone uses an accountant, this means individuals file their own taxes. In these cases, mistakes can be made. However, only if the individual seeks to evade taxes or defraud the IRS will a tax fraud charge hold up.

Income tax fraud is when an individual willfully attempts to evade their tax obligations or willfully defrauds the IRS. Specifically, this crime occurs when a person or a company intentionally fails to file an income tax return, willfully fails to pay the taxes they owe, intentionally fails to report all income he or she receives, makes fraudulent or false claims on a tax return or prepares and files a false return.

Mississippi doctor faces 17 counts of medical fraud

In our lines of work, we are expected to meet a certain standard and obligation. The failure to meet this duty could mean liabilities. Depending on a person's career, this could mean being written up, repercussions or even being fired. It could also mean criminal consequences. When professionals, such as doctors, fail to act properly in their role and take financial advantage of others, this could result in fraud charges. Those accused of committing fraud in their workplace could face serious penalties in addition to a damaged personal and professional reputation.

According to recent reports, a doctor in Mississippi was charged with fraud. Based on preliminary investigation, the doctor in Cleveland was arrested for fraud, and the 50-year-old doctor is currently facing 17 counts of medical fraud. It is not clear how many supposed patients were impacted or involved in this case.

Understanding how a parole hearing works

As a previous post discussed, there are opportunities for Mississippi defendants convicted of certain crimes to reduce the penalties associated with the crime they were convicted of. A parole hearing opens up the possibility for early release, helping him or her reenter society, obtain employment and interact with their friends, family and community once again. While there are many benefits to obtaining parole, it is important to note that getting a parole hearing is not always easy and neither is obtaining a favorable decision.

A parole hearing is when an inmate has a hearing to determine whether or not he or she should be released from prison, to a parole supervisor, so he or she can reenter society for the duration of their sentence. A Hearing Examiner conducts the parole hearing; a commissioner makes the decision as to whether parole is granted after reviewing the hearing record that was created by the Hearing Examiner.


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